Additional Projects

Energy-Efficiency Monitoring System for Buildings

ESC Automation Ltd

ESC Automation Ltd, Surrey BC - ESC Automation is well known in the HVAC industry for engineered designs and installations of DDC systems for large buildings and complexes, such as schools, hospitals, and airports. With a focus on the energy-efficiency of their clients' buildings—along with ease of maintenance—ESC retained the services of Crank It Out Software to help build the "Bureau Service". The system communicated with digital controls and helped to monitor facility-specific procedures, diagnose remote systems, notify and track issues, measure responses, and report results.

Mobile Phone Systems & Applications

Telus Mobility

Telus Mobility, Burnaby BC - On contract to Telus Mobility, we built a real-time CDR (Call Detail Record) Querying and Reporting database system to help managers track calling activity on the cellular network. This was used for trouble-shooting, fraud-detection & monitoring, growth-planning, and general analysis & statistics. Later we converted multiple mission-critical systems from client/server implementation to 3-tier and web-based, including "RAVE" (a rate-plan analysis and optimizer tool) and "ADIOS" (automatically disconnect customers whose accounts are in severe arrears).

Vessel & Cargo Tracking System

Chevron Canada Ltd.

Vancouver Port Authority, Vancouver BC - "Best Administrative System", Windows World Open Competition: on subcontract to the Vancouver Port Authority, Crank It Out Software designed and developed a large set of Crystal reports and stored procedures for the award-winning "PortView" system. PortView assisted in the tracking of vessels, containers, and cargo, along with the coordinating of truck, rail, and barge. Reports included statistics, data validation, accounting, and vessel tracking.

Internal Product Ordering System

Chevron Canada Ltd.

Chevron Canada Ltd, Vancouver BC - We helped Chevron Canada to design and build components in a desktop-based Order-Entry system ("CAST") whose purpose was to manage and process orders submitted by both wholesale and retail outlets of petroleum products. The system interacted with SAP A/R, Inventory Management, and the Data-Warehouses.